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2015 Kid’s Cartoon Cotton Pyjamas For Aged 1-6 1Set


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2015 Kid’s Cartoon Cotton Pyjamas  For Aged 1-6  1Set

2015儿童纯棉秋款 卡通家居服 睡衣套装 适合1-6岁  1套

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Little Duck, Monckey, Bus, Sheep, Goat (Blue), Happy Bear (Blue), Bear’s Family


80cm55码1-2yrs old, 90cm60码2-3yrs old, 100cm65码3-4yrs old, 110cm70码5-6yrs old **no shoulder button

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West M’sia: Express Pos RM10/trip, Sabah & Sarawak: Air Parcel RM15/trip, Singapore: Air Parcel RM50/trip


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