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PKT021Y Children Short Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt


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Product Description

PKT021Y Children Short Sleeve Cotton T-Shirt | 0-2 yrs old

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton

PKT021Y 韩版婴儿短袖T恤纯棉女童上衣儿童0-1-2岁女宝宝夏装2014新款童装

  • 面料:100%棉


Microsoft Word - Size Chart3.docx

粉色猫头鹰A款 | Pink Owl (A)

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Additional Information


73cm(73/ ref 65-73CM±)

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West M’sia: Express Pos RM10/trip, Sabah & Sarawak: Air Parcel RM15/trip, Singapore: Air Parcel RM50/trip


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